New Tourist Destination For All “Star Wars” Fans

The premiere of the last sequel of the series “Star Wars” was held on 16 December, and lovers of the famous franchise, in addition to the big screen with this fantastic world can meet and visit film locations.

The company “Skyscanner” made a list of locations represented in the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” which “Star Wars” fans can visit around the world.

Lovers of luxury and warm weather probably will choose the Maldives, which served as a model for the planet Skarif. Scenes were filmed primarily on Ghana – the largest island of the “tropical paradise”, as well as the island Berasdu.

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Besides the natural beauty of the Earth, the film also included stations that were created by man in order to better evoke the technologically advanced world of “Star Wars” universe. Metro station Canary Wharf in East London served as the perfect place for it.

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If directors want to create a scene that appear to be not of this world, all you need to do is to try to visit the magnificent Island, whose landscapes have already become part of the series “Game of Thrones”. This time as a film location served Krafla volcanic crater lake Myvatn, representing landscapes of the planet Soot.

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“Star Wars” films were shot even in Guatemala, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia and many other countries, and the company Statista them all marked on your map to help you select fans that his future destination of your dreams:

Infographic: The Real Star Wars Universe | extra

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