Visit Cheaper, Less Crowded, But Not Less Attractive Alternatives To The Biggest European Metropole

Of course it is nice to go to the City of Light and climb the Eiffel Tower. No less beautiful is  enjoying the streets of London, but also the Amsterdam canals and museums are not for throwing. However, it is also very expensive and the destinations where all the ropes of tourists, so if you are looking for something cheaper and less crowded, we suggest that instead of expensive and well-known destinations, select one cheaper and cheaper, and often equally attractive.

Utrecht> Amsterdam

Photo: blitz.arc.unsw.edu.au

Instead the Dutch capital set off in Utrecht. The city also passing channels and a huge number of museums, which offer you a lot; from Dutch masters until Aboriginal art. From the Amsterdam airport, you need only half an hour by train, you can find a bed with a decent price.

Turin> Copenhagen

Photo: lonelyplanetimages.imgix.net

The event replaced the Danish capital, something cheaper Turin, which, though beautiful, is rarely mentioned among the cities that are “must see” on boot. In fact, given the existence of Rome, Florence, Venice and the like it is not that strange, but and Torino has a lot to offer. Museum Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea is one of the best in Italy, a designer shops, bars and cafes  are handful. Also, the city is known for its gastronomy, and if you can, give yourself a good wine in combination with truffles …

Manchester> London

Photo: nationalrailenquiries.files.wordpress.com

The city that was once known for its textile industry today is growing in every way. The cultural offer is rich, be sure to visit the Art Gallery Whitwort, not a pub is not far behind. You can find the Northern Quarter bars and restaurants, which certainly does not lag behind those of London, and if you suffer for luxury housing here brazenly expensive hotels springing up like mushrooms after rain.

Budapest> Vienna

Photo: s.inyourpocket.com

Vienna is definitely beautiful, but Budapest is not inferior to him. Wide avenues, imposing building (it is enough to see the parliament building, for example) and a good night life are a guarantee that you will not be bored here. Also, in many abandoned buildings are open pubs so do not miss any of these parts during a tour of the city.

Lille> Paris

Photo: ssvp.fr

For those who are eager to feel the breath of Paris, but they are not to go into the crowd and expense, Lille is a great alternative. The cultural offer is rich, and the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille is considered the best museum in the country after the Louvre. He kept parts of masters such as Ruben and Van Dyck, and when on the other hand you love animals, warm recommend is going to the zoo.

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