Here Is The List Of Things You Can Get For Free When Traveling With Airplane

You spent money on a plane ticket, extra luggage and a glass of wine on the plane, but these things will not cost you a dime.

1. Free child care

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And parents need to go to the restroom. If you are traveling alone with a child, do not hesitate to stop steward or stewardess and ask them to mind the children. For some, it will not be a problem, but the desired break from the usual obligation on the plane.

2. Visiting the cockpit

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Want to see what it looks like the cockpit? Ask the flight attendant for a brief tour, but the best at the end of the flight when the pilots complete their work.

3. Wipes

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Bacteria are everywhere on the plane, so it is not surprising that many colds after landing at your destination. To prevent the possibility of getting unpleasant illness, ask the flight attendant for damp handkerchief and wipe the arm or moving table to eat. Most airlines have them, but they will be given free of charge on request.

4. First Aid

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Do you have blisters? The patch can be obtained free of charge from the plane. Some airlines will offer you a headache tablet if you forgot to bring with you in your first aid box.

5. Additional  packet of peanuts

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If your stomach is buzzing after eating your free bag of snacks, ask the staff for second. If they have a surplus, will certainly give it to you without any additional charges. Happy travelling.

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