12 Unusual Things You Did Not Know About Air Traveling

Transportation of the deceased, lightning strikes and other (un) familiar things are every day things in air transport, so it’s time to finally find out what was going on and maybe even on your flight.

Most of the pilots experienced a lightning strike

Photo: qph.ec.quoracdn.net

I seem to be too much worry. One of them said that “only heard a loud noise and saw a flash,” and that was it. In any case, there is no fear, because lightning will not break the plane.

Many planes transporting dead bodies

Some people die far away from where they should be buried, but they need to be transported, and the same is the case with the transport of body organs . But, as a rule, passengers will never know whether the deceased had driven them, because the loading of a corpse carried out in a rather discreet manner.

The pilots were tired, and sometimes even sleep in the cockpit

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More than 50 percent of pilots from the British Association of pilots admitted to the atleast once fell asleep in the cockpit. This, however, need not worry travelers because with them is always a co-pilot. What I worry about is that 29 percent of pilots resorted co-pilot asleep after they wake up from sleep.

Rolls Royce aircraft engines tested in an unusual way

Firing of dead chickens, which can fly up to 300 kilometers per hour.

In the flight can be found and axe

This practice is being implemented that aim to help in case of need comes to certain parts of the aircraft. It was the subject tried to use the pilot GermanWings when he realized that the co-pilot Andreas Lubic locked himself in the cockpit trying to blow up a plane. Unfortunately, the ax was not helpful, however, 150 people lost their lives due Lubica folly.

Headset that you get are not new

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Headphones that you can get during the year are not new, despite having packed – previously cleaned and re-packaged back.

Authorities of pilots

Pilot operated not only by plane, but can arrest passengers, write a statements, and in some cases dying testament for passengers.

Turbulences are more frequent in the afternoon

Photo: i.cbc.ca

If you are nervous, schedule morning flight because of turbulence in the afternoon are often.

Pilots must not eat the same food

The reason for this is the possibility of food poisoning. For the safety of passengers accident should not have happened due to poisoning of both pilots.

Toilets can be opened from the outside

Even if you are locked in the toilet, the staff can open it from the outside.

Prince Charles and Prince William should not fly together

Photo: parade.com

According to the orders of Queen Elizabeth II, her son and grandson are never allowed to be on the same flight. Of course, it is about security concerns.

Flying is the safest option than any other transport

Far safer than cars and ships, and flying is safer just  only with – drive with the elevator.

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