Enchanting 7 Destinations That You Might Not Have Heard About

From “The arms of the desert” to beautiful Blagaj in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this tourist destination tourists often forget to visit because they were not being popularized, which is the nature around them remained intact.

1. “La Mano del Desierto”

Photo: fronterasblog.files.wordpress.com

Deep in the Chilean Atacama desert, 11 meters from the dry land springs of “La Mano del Desierto” or “Hand of the desert”, which was built in 1992. by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarazabal.

2. Huacachina

Photo: 27vakantiedagen.nl

A deep in the Peruvian desert is a very small village Huacachina, built around an oasis that offers tourists a variety of activities.

3. Ciciliani

Tucked at the foot of the mountain peak Aegium in France is a small city Ciciliani, where tourists have the opportunity to experience a different and peaceful side of the French Alps.

4. Blagaj

Photo: thinkstock

At the edge of the river Buna in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place Blagaj, close to the most powerful sources of water in the world – and despite its beauty, is not popular with tourists.

5. Stone tombs Mira

Photo: thinkstock

Most tourists somehow always fail to visit Turkey stone tombs Mira, in the ancient city of the litchi.

6. Island of Socotra

Photo: thinkstock

Not far from the Yemeni is island of Socotra is, where he lives and grows about 800 rare species of plants and animals, of which a third can not be found anywhere in the world. They include the trees, “dragon’s blood”.

7. Chefchaouen Morocco

Photo: thinkstock

Tourists often fail to visit the city Chefchaouen in Morocco so they not see the blue walls in the narrow streets, for which it seems as if you are walking through a tunnel in which shines a neon blue light.

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