Escape From Everything : 10 Most Remote Places On The Planet

Our planet is full of beautiful corners, pleasant climate, perfect for life. Many of us have been idyllic somewhere where winters are not too strong, too hot a year. Again, some parts of the Earth are so inhospitable that one wonders why anyone would want to visit it. And yet, with its permanent population.

1. Oymyacon

Photo: en.bcdn.biz

The tiny village of 500 inhabitants located in Siberia. In 1933 he won the title not so regular coldest inhabited place on Earth, when the temperature dropped to – 68 degrees Celsius. This place is an ideal destination for vegetarians because of the extremely low temperatures cultivation of fruits and vegetables is not possible, so the diet based on meat. In Oymyacon, they believe that the tourism is developed, and that air attracts tourists specificity. In 2012 it was visited by as many as 57, and all have received Certificate about spending time on Cold Pole

2. Tristan da Cunha

Photo: ukota.org

The nearest town to the west is 3,200 kilometers away, and to the east only 2400. The archipelago Tristan da Cunha is located in Antarctica and home to the 300-tinak people. On the island has no airport, magazines or television. But there is a school, hospital, post office, museum, café, pub and pool. The island is administered by the United Kingdom.

3. Barrow

Photo: climate.gov

Compared with their predecessors on the list, Barrow is a metropolis. In the middle of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, it lives up to 4 thousand people. No way to lead to him, no roads, because the environment is still frozen.

4. Island Deception

Photo: feralcities.com

On the Antarctic peninsula, the island of “fraud” is home to several researchers and tourists. Surrounded with the toughest and deadliest ocean, this island has a beautiful natural and quiet port, as well as spring drinking water. And why it is called the island of fraud? Because it is not really an island , more boilers with an active volcano.

5. Easter Island

Photo: a57.foxnews.com

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is not only home to the unusual statues, but also 6 thousand people who live here. His name is given by Dutch explorer Jacob Rodzevin, who ran into him on Easter Sunday.

6. Station McMurdo

Photo: globalcitiesdialogue.com

This station, located just 1.3 kilometers from the South Pole, has been around since the 1950s. He’s still very vital, but also frightening.

7. Svalbard

Photo: svalbardblues.com

Series islands with 2 thousand inhabitants, Svalbard, located between Norway and the North Pole. So few people available, but it has 7 national parks and 23 reserves. In winter, the sun comes out here for an hour, but at summer it make up it for all that, when the day is “24 hours”.

8. Cape York

Photo: tourismcapeyork.com

In the northeast of Australia, on top of a large island Cape York there are 18 thousand people, most of whom are Aboriginal. They live to nearly 200 thousand square kilometers of rainforest and savannah. Given that this is Australia, most of the plants and animals here would probably kill the average man.

9. Atoll Suwarrow

Photo: nextdeparture.ca

Coral island where no one lives. It is interesting that here is found a genuine buried treasure.

10. La Rinconada

Photo: hotel-r.net

La Rinconada is located at an altitude of 5,100 meters and the highest point on which people live. Also, there is no water or sewer, but there are plenty of mercury poisoning from a nearby gold mine.

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